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Peel's Prairie Provinces

The Peel’s Prairie Provinces digital collection ( provides a wide variety of research materials related to western Canadian history and the culture of the Prairie Provinces.

The Peel's Prairie Provinces collection within Internet Archive is a subset of this larger resource, containing duplicate items or new material that we are not yet able to mount on the main Peel site. Over the next few years, we will be working to gather the collection in a single digital repository, but, until then, we invite you to search in both the main Peel site and its IA companion.

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Peel's Prairie Provinces
Mar 29, 1922 United Farmers of Manitoba:
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Page 1 - ARISTOCRATS Page 2 Page 3 - Our Ottawa Letter: Progressive Members make Good Impression in the House- Estimates Show Little Evidence of Efforts to Reduce Expenditure Page 4 - Co-operative Trading Associations: Article II.—Fact or Fiction Page 5 - Organize Now - The Grain Commission - Fighting Public Ownership - Public Welfare Suffers Page 6 - Government Approves Merger - A Hint to Saskatchewan Page 7 - Influence of Climate on Crop: By Manley Champlin, Field Husbandry Department,...
Topic: grain growers' guide